Friday, December 12, 2008

School's Out for now

Just turned in my last assignment for the winter term. I am done until January 12 now. I have decided to take 12 hours this spring, so I am going to enjoy the month long break as much as possible. Everything else is going good here. We are preparing to batten down the hatches for the weekend. We have a blizzard warning starting tomorrow night and at least 6 inches of snow is predicted for our area. We are also supposed to have subzero highs for Sunday and Monday as well. This is the trade off we gladly accept for not dealing with a long hot and humid summer. I for one like the snow. I have lots of sympathy for those who are made miserable having to deal with the mess, but it dosen't dampen my enthusiasm for the snow to fall and stick around all winter. I will get pictures up of the before and after the blizzard for those who want to see.

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