Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Catching up

It has been a busy week or so. We had a guest here at the house the last few days. Bro. Mike, our former pastor in Arkansas, does a Bible teaching ministry now and we scheduled him to come here to our church. It was such a blessing for us and for the church as a whole. Our whole group really enjoyed the studies and I believe the Lord will use this as a springboard for us in our ministry. We had a lot of fun spending time with him these last few days as well. We took a side trip into Canada yesterday just for fun.
The kids are really doing well. I will post some more pictures soon. We were taking pictures tonight at AWANA to put together a slide show for parent's night in two more weeks. It is hard to believe that we are done with AWANA for the year after just two more weeks.
I am trying to get more involved in things around the community. I have been trying to sign up for a Tuesday night golf league (it will give me a good reason to play regularly) which will be good for excercise and getting to know more people.
It is definitely starting to warm up here. Yesterday we hit the 70s for the first time in a while and the snow has almost completely melted from around town. Only the really big piles have any snow left now.


ahicktiger said...

Do you want me to mail you some pizza. Or perhaps you can talk pastor mike to bring you some when he comes

Jeff said...

Bro. Mike has already been and gone, so that isn't gonna work too well. I don't know about the mail either. Don't think I trust them to get it here on time. Could you fax it to me. : P

ahicktiger said...

I'll send it up with the matter transmitter that I got form the Makers of the movie tron, or the one from Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory. It will just have to be a big one, cause everything is shrunk to get it on the TV screen