Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posting lately. It seems like things just get really chaotic and nothing gets done some days. We signed the boys up for baseball this week. Jeremiah is going to play Tee ball and Jonathan is going to be playing Pee Wee. And through a strange twist of fate, I have been volunteered to be a coach for Jonathan's team. A couple of the homeschool families were talking about it last week and voila; I'm a coach.
In other news, keep praying for Amelia's upcoming surgery. We are now just over a month away from the surgery date and my parents and Amelia's mom are planning to travel up to help. It is going to be quite a time.
In church news, things are going well. We have had two people make personal decisions to ask Christ to be their Lord and Savior so we are starting to see the fruit of preparing for a harvest. AWANA is over as of tonight. We have a parent night planned and one of the girls who helps with Sparks has put together a DVD of pictures taken at AWANA. She did an exceptional job and it looks really great. We are going to use my laptop and a projector to show it to the parents. I will try and get some of the pictures that we took up in the near future.

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