Saturday, May 31, 2008

Crazy times

Well, this is going to be a fun and hectic weekend. We are going to the airport tomorrow to pick up another grandparent and then Allie will have two grandmothers to entertain and play with. She has been putting on quite a show the last couple of days with my parents here. I am not sure who is enjoying this more. The kids, the grandparents or the proud parents who get to revel in the show.
We have the time for Amelia's surgery. She has to be at the hospital early in the morning on Monday so please pray for us. We have to leave the house about 3:30 AM or so because she has to be there at 5:45 AM. Please keep us all in your prayers. The folks will be holding down the home fort here with the kids while we are down there. I will be doing a lot of shuttling back and forth probably(maybe not too much with gas prices where they are). I am preparing a sermon on the Biblical calendar. I have been writing a lot about my studies into Hebrew roots of the Christian faith at my other blog, which I recently migrated to a new address. You can check it out at In the meantime, I will try and keep updates on the surgery and recovery and other family happenings.

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Anonymous said...

I heard a comment by Steven Curtis Chapman this week and I thought it was great.

"This is the kind of thing we need to spend our time doing, just seeing and celebrating the glory of God where it shows up; in the pain and in the joy that he gives us in this life."

Basically in everything praise God. Our prayers are with you, Amelia and the family.

Melissa C.