Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Picture Time

I need to catch up the blog with a few pictures. It is hard to keep up sometimes. I always seem to be doing something all the time. I know I am not the busiest person. I know this for a fact because I know busier people. Even still, time does get away from us all. Here are some pictures.

This is game time at AWANA. You will recognize Jonathan in the line. The young girl looking at the camera with her arms crossed is one of the girls in Amelia's class. She is the girl that prayed to receive Christ as her Lord and Saviour earlier in the year.

This is a picture of Bro. Mike the day we went to Canada for a brief whirlwind sightseeing tour. He is standing at the border marker directly north of here.

I thought Dad would like to know how to take a picture where you can see the squirrel. Amelia took this one for us. She might be willing to give lessons when you come to visit next.

This is the cake that Amelia made this weekend for our church potluck. She loves to be creative and the idea of making a piano cake was simply too good for her to pass up.

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